Uganda Local Government Association

The Uganda Local Governments’ Association (ULGA) is an Association for Local Governments in Uganda. ULGA was formed in 1994 by the District Chairpersons as Uganda Local Authorities Association (ULAA) which was later re-named Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA).


The change in name came as a result of the need to align it to the exiting definition of the Institution of Local Governments as per the applicable policy and legislative framework on decentralization and the Local government system in Uganda. Having been formed in 1994, ULGA has come a long way growing into a strong and formidable advocacy organization due to the support of its Member Local Governments, Development Partners as well as its Patron His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda. Today, ULGA boasts of its own home acquired on 30/02/1996 with the support of Members contributions from Danida and DFID. The ULGA House is located at on Plot 136 Najjanankumbi, Entebbe Road, where the Secretariat is housed currently.


ULGA was formed to represent and advocate for the constitutional rights and interests of Local Governments and to act as the negotiating agency for its members.

ULGA is a registered legal entity as an Association under its Constitution and is also a body Corporate having been registered as a company limited by guarantee in 2006.



ULGA’s mandate is to unite Local Governments, and provide them with Association member services, and a forum through which to come together and give each other support and guidance to make common positions on key issues that affect Local Governance. ULGA carries out this mandate through lobbying, advocacy and representation of Local Governments at local, National and International fora.


ULGA’s main function is to advocate and negotiate for the interests of the Local Governments and its ultimate goal is to promote and build Democratic and Accountable Local Governments capable of delivering Efficient and Sustainable Public Services to the people.

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