Bukomansimbi District is one of the three Districts split from greater Masaka. It started operating officially on 1st July 2010. It is comprised of two counties; Bukomansimbi South and Bukomansimbi North. The district has got 5 sub/counties that is; Kibinge, Bigasa, Kitanda, Butenga, Bukango sub/counties and 4 Town Councils that is; Bukomansimbi Town Council,Kigagazzi Town Council,Kagalogolo Town Council and Butenga Town Council .    

The District Development Plan (NDPII) 2015/16-2019/20) has an ultimate goal of improving the livelihood of the people by 2020 through strengthening the District’s competitiveness for sustainable wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth. It is thus imperative that all stakeholders’ promotion of all cross-cutting issues as key strategies in livelihood development. Therefore medium-term plans and budgets should prioritize interventions and expenditures that promote competitiveness, equitably create wealth and access employment for all people in the district irrespective of sex, age, disability and ethnicity.

The planning process in the district is highly participatory as it brings all players on board. It involves imparting of skills to extension workers in lower local governments to fully participate in the planning process. The inclusion of crosscutting issues in the planning process has been identified as a very pertinent matter to address society needs. Critical cross cutting issues include; gender, poverty, environmental, HIV/AIDS, OVC, population, good governance, risks and hazard management. These should be properly analysed in order to design appropriate strategies and programmes to address community needs. The communities are empowered to prioritize the many investments at their disposal.