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Office of the Secretary District Service Commission

P.O Box 293, Masaka, E-Mail: Bukomansimbidistrict@gmail.com.

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Our Ref: CR 156/1                                                                           Date: 10th December 2019




Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill the following vacancies existing within Bukomansimbi District Local Government.


Application forms PSC (Form 3) are obtainable from the Office of the Public Service Commission, Kampala, and District Service Commissions country wide, Chief Administrative Officers’ Offices and Town Clerks’ offices or www.psc.co.ug.


Filled forms (3) copies must be accompanied by 3-recent coloured pass port size photographs plus CERTIFIED copies of relevant Certificates and Transcripts to reach the Secretary District Service Commission, P.O. Box 293, Masaka not later than 24th January 2020 before 5:00pm.


Serving officers should route their applications through their Heads of Departments who should be advised of the closing date to avoid delay.


Applicants who do not hear from Bukomansimbi District Service Commission after selection should consider their applications unsuccessful.





Ref. Number

No. of Vacancies

Senior Land Management officer


Natural Resources 



Physical Planner


Natural Resources 








Senior Accounts Assistant





Education Assistant II


Education & Sports



Town Agent





Agricultural  Officer


Production and Marketing



Agricultural Engineer


Production and Marketing




Details of the Job Description and Specifications for the above advertised posts can be obtained from the following offices: Public Service Commission, District Service Commissions countrywide, or visit Ministry of Public Service website www.publicservice.go.ug. Or Bukomansimbi District Local Government Website www.bukomansimbi.go.ug.


Note 1: Please indicate on your PSC form reliable Postal Addresses, Telephone contact and e-mail addresses.





Below are they job descriptions


1. Senior Land Management Officer

Job Title : Senior Land Management Officer

Salary Scale: U3Sc

Reports to: District Natural Resources Officer

Responsible for: Staff Surveyor

Registrar of Titles

Land Valuer

Physical Planner

Job Purpose

To manage orderly, lawful and sustainable land development in the District.

Key Outputs

i. Compliance with national Policies, strategies, programmes and guidelines on lands, housing and urban development enforced within the District;

ii. Development and enforcement of District Council byelaws and ordinances on sustainable use and development of land, and safe, planned housing/ human settlement in line with national standards coordinated;

iii. Implementation of national lands, housing and urban development initiatives and policies in local governments coordinated, monitored and evaluated;

iv. Support supervision and technical back-up support on matters of lands, urban development and housing in the lower local governments provided;

v. Periodic reports on the performance of the Land Management sub-sector of the District prepared and submitted relevant authorities and stakeholders;

vi. Work plans and budgets for land management programmes and activities prepared and

submitted; and

vii. Departmental staff supervised, coached and their performance appraised.

Key Functions

i. Enforcing compliance with national policies, strategies, programmes and guidelines on land,

housing and urban development within the District;

ii. Coordinating the development and enforcement of District Council bye-laws and Ordinances on sustainable use and development of land; safe, planned housing and human settlement;

iii. Coordinating and monitoring the implementation of national lands, housing and urban

development initiatives and policies in the District;

iv. Providing support supervision and technical back-up support to lower local governments on

matters of lands, urban development and housing;

v. Preparing and submitting reports on the performance of the Land Management sub-sector of the relevant authorities and stakeholders;

vi. Preparing and submitting work plans and budgets for land management programmes and

activities; and

vii. Supervising, coaching and appraising the performance of staff of the Land management Office of the District.


Person Specifications

i) Qualifications

A Honors Bachelors’ degree in Surveying; Geometrics; Law; Land Economics; land Management;

Physical Planning; Urban Planning; Regional Planning; or any other relevant qualifications from a recognized University or Institution.

ii ) Work Experience

Working experience of three (3) year’s at officer or equivalent level in a reputable organization

iii) Competences

Planning, organizing and coordinating;

Records and information management;

Knowledge of the provisions of the Land Act;

Problem solving and decision making;


Ethics and integrity; Accountability; and Time management


2. Physical Planner

Job Title : Physical Planner

Salary Scale: U4Sc

Reports To: Senior Land Management Officer/ Town Clerk

Job Purpose

To undertake physical planning of towns and trading centres within the District and ensure that building plans conform to the master plan.

Key Outputs

i. Towns and trading centres in the District planned;

ii. Developers guided in processing proper building plans;

iii. Town and County Planning Act, 1964; and other relevant laws enforced;

iv. Site and building plans drawn and approved;

v. Plots in Towns/ trading centres demarcated;

vi. Construction sites and buildings in town/ trading centres inspected;

vii. District Authorities guided on balanced development; and

viii. District planning information, equipment and records kept.


Key Functions

i. Planning towns and trading centres in the District;

ii. Guiding developers in processing proper building plans;

iii. Enforcing the Town and County Planning Act, 1964; and other relevant laws;

iv. Drawing the structural land use layout;

v. Drawing site plans for plot (building) developments and processing their approval;

vi. Demarcating plots in towns/ trading centres;

vii. Inspecting structures/ buildings in town/ trading centres to ensure compliance with the land use plan;

viii. Maintaining the District planning information, equipment and records; and

ix. Guiding District Authorities on balanced development.

Person Specifications

i) Qualifications

An Honors Bachelor’s Degree in either Physical Planning; Regional Planning; Urban Planning or any other relevant qualification from a recognized training Institution.

Knowledge of computer software application packages specially Geographical Information

Systems (G.I.S.) and Automated Computer Aided Design(AUTOCAD)

ii) Competences

Information technology;


Records and information management;

Quality and standards;

Communication; and

Time management

3. Head Teachers

Job Title - Head Teacher

Reports to - Sub County Chief

Salary Scale - U4L

Job Purpose

To manage and provide technical guidance/ leadership in the academic and administrative programmesto the institution.

Duties and Responsibilities

i. To prepare the schemes of work/lesson plans and teach students according to the set timetable;

ii. To be in charge of overall administration and management of the school;

iii. To plan for the physical development of the school and professional development of the staff;

iv. To plan, organize, direct and co-ordinate the teaching programmes and activities of staff and


v. To ensure proper planning, budgeting and accountability of the school activities and resources in consultation with the Management Committee;

vi. To coordinate the functions of the Management Committee and account to them and the Ministry of Education and Sports;

vii. To initiate development projects for the school and mobilize resources for their implementation;

viii. To supervise and appraise all the staff and employees of the institution and assess their


ix. To prepare progress and summary reports for presentation and submission to the Management

Committee and the Ministry of Education and Sports;

x. To direct activities concerning student admissions, provision of supplies and welfare services;

xi. To participate in the implementation of the Education Sector reforms related to primary education; and

xii. To plan and chair meetings on the school.

Person Specification:

(i) Qualification

Minimum of a Degree in Primary Education or the equivalent of this, from recognized


Must have attended at least four workshops/seminars and four short courses relevant to the


Registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports; and

Minimum of twelve years working experience, three of which should have been at Deputy Head

Teacher or Principal Education Assistant level with administrative responsibilities.

(ii) Competences

Organization skills;

Child Development skills ;

Management skills, Teaching skills;

Communication/ Presentation skills;

Interpersonal skills;

Evaluation skills;

Human Resource Management skills;

Financial Management skills;

Record Keeping skills;

Public relations skills;

Computer literacy skills;

Curriculum Development;

Comprehension and Interpretation;

Report keeping skills;

Environment and Primary Healthcare;

Public relations skills;

Safety and Precautionary measures; and Support for Special Needs students.

4. Senior Accounts Assistant

Job Title : Senior Accounts Assistant

Salary Scale :U5

Reports to :Accountant

Responsible for :Assistant Accountant

Job Purpose

To perform basic accounting processes involving preparing books of accounts and keeping custody of accounting transaction records.

Key outputs

i. Custody for accounting records and documents provided;

ii. Deferred tax payments and returns processed and records kept;

iii. Financial transactions, cashbooks and subsidiary ledgers posted to General ledger and books of accounts updated;

iv. Pay change report forms prepared and payroll transaction reports reconciled;

v. Transactions entered into the commitment control register;

vi. Custody of cash and imprest provided and payments effected; and

vii. Draft monthly reconciliation reports prepared.

Key Functions

i. Providing custody for accounting records and documents;

ii. Processing deferred tax payments and returns and keeping records thereof;

iii. Posting financial transactions, cashbooks and subsidiary ledgers to General ledger and updating books of accounts;

iv. Preparing Pay Change report forms and reconciling payroll transaction reports;

v. Entering transactions into the commitment control register;

vi. Providing custody of cash and imprest and effecting payments; and

vii. Preparing draft monthly reconciliation reports.


Person specification

(i) Qualifications

A minimum of a Diploma in Accounting or Financial Management or Business

Studies/Administration from a recognised awarding Institution.

Or A Pre-professional Accounting Qualification (ATC or CAT) awarded from recognised

Institution and accredited by the Institute of Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).

(ii) Experience

At least 3 years of working experience as an Accounts Assistant in public or a reputable


(iii) Competences

Financial Management;

Information Communication Technology;

Accountability ;

Ethics and Integrity; and

Time management.

5. Education Assistant II

Job Title - Education Assistant

Reports to - Senior Education Assistant

Salary Scale - U7L

Job Purpose

To teach, examine and assess learners’ progress on an on-going basis in order to ensure functional literacy, numeracy and basic communication skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

i. To prepare the schemes of work and lesson plans in line with the approved curriculum on termly and weekly basis.

ii. To conduct lessons and remedial work according to the set timetable.

iii. To participate in setting, administering and marking internal and external examinations.

iv. To carry out continuous assessment and evaluation of pupils performance.

v. To prepare and select appropriate learning aids/materials for classroom teaching.

vi. To keep and maintain class records /inventory (Registers, records of work , progress reports and equipment)

vii. To guide and counsel pupils.

viii. To participate in class meetings.

ix. To serve as classroom teacher.

x. To participate in co - curricula activities and community activities.

xi. To conduct any other duties assigned that are related to the profession.

Person Specification:

(i) Qualifications:

Minimum of a Grade III teaching Certificate or the equivalent from a recognized Institution

Registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports

(ii) Competencies:

Guidance and counseling skills,

Pedagogical skills,

Psychological skills,

Child development skills,

Computer Literacy,

Record keeping,

Good communication and interpersonal skills,

Environment and Primary Healthcare,

Safety and Precautionary measures, and

Support for Special Needs students.

6. Town Agent

Job Title : Town Agent

Salary Scale : U5

Reports to : Assistant Town Clerk

Job Purpose

To carry out the overall administration and management of the ward of the urban Local Government

Key Functions

i. Mobilizing the population in the ward to meet their civic obligations;

ii. Collecting and assessing Taxes and Property rates;

iii. Maintaining law and order in the Ward;

iv. Registering all businesses in the Ward;

v. Arbitrating in simple civil disputes;

vi. Enforcing population adherence to council policy on hygiene, sanitation and development.

vii. Performing duties as secretary to the ward;

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

 Diploma in Public Administration and Management or Social work and Social Administration, Development studies and Business Administration.

(ii) Competences

(a) Technical

 Planning, organizing and coordinating

 Running effective meetings;

 Communicating effectively;

 Public relations and customer care;

 Self-control and stress management;

(b) Behavioral

 Mobilization skills

 Concern for quality and standards

 Networking.

7. Agricultural Officer

Job Title : Agricultural Officer

Salary Scale : U4

Reports to : Sub-county Chief

Responsible for: Assistant Agricultural Officer

Job Purpose

To train and impart skills to the farmers on modern, productive and sustainable agriculture practices and technologies.

Key Outputs

i. Farmers trained in modern productive agricultural methods and appropriate technologies;

ii. Agriculture sub-sector Budgets prepared and Work plans developed;

iii. Agriculture sub-sector activities monitored, assessed and prioritized;

iv. Agricultural shows organized;

v. Subordinates trained and guided;

vi. Agricultural data collected, analyzed and documented; and

vii. Demonstration sites managed.

Key Functions

i. Training farmers in modern productive methods in agriculture and appropriate technologies;

ii. Preparing budgets and developing work plans for the agriculture sub-sector;

iii. Monitoring, assessing and prioritizing agriculture sub –sector activities;

iv. Organizing Agricultural shows;

v. Training and guiding subordinates;

vi. Collecting, analyzing and documenting agricultural data; and

vii. Managing demonstration sites.

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

An Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture or Agricultural Extension Services from a

recognized University Or institution.

(ii) Competences

Planning, Organizing and Coordinating;

Coaching and mentoring;



Concern for quality and standards; and

Time management.

8. Agricultural Engineer

Job Title : Agricultural Engineer

Salary Scale: U4Sc

Reports to: Senior Agricultural Officer

Job Purpose

To implement strategies, programmes and plans for sustainable utilization of agricultural engineering technologies.

Key Outputs

i. Advice provided on, agricultural engineering, water harvesting, irrigation and soil conservation;

ii. Systems for productive utilization of land and water resources developed;

iii. Appropriate strategies for use of engineering technologies developed;

iv. Advice on sustainable use of land and appropriate technologies rendered;

v. Data on land use, soil conservation, farming systems and irrigation potential compiled and analyzed;

vi. Linkages with research for securing and adapting appropriate technologies established;

vii. Methods for integrated land soil and water management streamlined;

viii. Information on productive land use, soil conservation and farming systems published;

ix. Advice rendered to the district staff on recent development in water harvesting and management of fragile soil; and

x. Linkage initiatives with education institutions undertaken.

Key Functions

i. Providing advice on agricultural technology transfer and adaptability in areas of soil and water

Conservation, agricultural engineering, water harvesting and irrigation;

ii. Initiating and developing Systems for suitable utilization of land;

iii. Developing strategies for utilization and engineering technologies which enhance land and water productivity;

iv. Supporting and developing mechanisms/systems for integrated, improved land, soil and water

Management and irrigation;

v. Compiling and analyzing District data on land use, soil conservation, farming systems and irrigation potential;

vi. Establishing linkages with research for securing and adapting appropriate technology;

vii. Rendering advice to the district staff on recent development in water harvesting and management of fragile soil;

viii. Streamlining methods for integrated management of land, soil and water;

ix. Publishing Information on productive land use, soil conservation and farming systems; and

x. Strengthening partnerships with relevant education institutions, industry and other stakeholders.

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering or Mechanical Engineering from a recognized Institution.


 (iii) Competences

Planning organizing and coordinating;

Project management;

Knowledge in Agricultural engineering;

Ethics and integrity;

Communication; and

Time management.